Critical Questions for New Product Development

While 40% of new products fail within the first year, yours doesn’t have to. Identify and resolve any challenges–before going to market–by asking some simple but critical questions during your new product development (NPD).

Baltimore Aircoil Company Develops HVAC Purchasing Strategy for New International Market

Overview Client: Baltimore Aircoil Company Industry: HVAC Equipment Manufacturing Headquarters Location: Baltimore, MD Hanover Solution: Buyer Needs Survey Website:   “We turned to Hanover to better understand the product needs and purchasing behaviors of those involved in the selection, installation, and operation of heat rejection equipment in a new international market. We specifically explored […]

The Customer Segmentation Toolkit

Customer behavior is changing faster and more frequently than ever—leaving companies that haven’t adapted with disinterested consumers and, consequently, lost revenue. To resonate with customers, companies need to understand their audience, what motivates them, and how to reach them. With this understanding, companies can build customer segments for more personalized conversations. In fact, organizations that tailor product […]

5-Step Guide to Successful M&A Target Identification

When it comes to growing your market share and diversifying your portfolio, mergers and acquisitions are the most powerful lever you can pull. But they also come with a host of risks. To avoid potentially crippling M&A mistakes, organizations should develop a well-defined process for identifying the most promising opportunities. Set your company up for […]

Five Critical Steps of a Successful Market Analysis

Whether they want to discover new opportunities or identify hidden risks, companies need a data-driven understanding of the markets where they want to play. It’s no surprise, then, that 78% of surveyed business leaders said using data to inform growth strategies resulted in increased revenue. And one of the best ways to get that data […]

The Consumer Shift of 2021

Consumer buying patterns drastically shifted in 2020 and 2021. While many B2C brands have adjusted their strategies to align with new consumer preferences, the pandemic and its effects are still ongoing, and additional waves of changing consumer behavior could be in sight.   To help B2C brands understand and keep pace with consumers’ evolving expectations, our […]

The B2B Buyer Shift of 2021

Today’s B2B buyers have come to expect highly streamlined, error-free customer service and sales processes that are less reliant on in-person interactions. It’s one more thing—along with supply chain disruptions and workforce health concerns—that companies have had to adapt to since the pandemic’s beginning. To keep pace, companies must remain alert to industry changes and […]

A Brand Health Exam

Assessing your brand’s health is more critical now for overall success, whether you’re hoping to rebound from an underperforming year, double down on high performance, or completely overhaul your corporate identity. But where to begin? Between supply chain disruptions, evolving buyer expectations and a wide range of market shifts, the past year has forced organizations […]

It’s Time to Rethink Your Brand

Between shifting market landscapes and evolving buyer habits, it’s never been more critical for companies to get branding right. It’s why 75% of companies have undergone a rebrand since 2020. But what does “right” look like? In this infographic, It’s Time to Rethink Your Brand, Hanover Research discusses why it might be time for your […]

Four Tried and Tested Techniques for Measuring Customer Experience


Customer Experience is a critically important priority for the majority of executives worldwide. This makes sense, as companies that provide exceptional customer experiences realize a number of benefits including positive revenue impact, profit inflection, protection of market share, lower client acquisition costs and reduced customer churn.  However, research has shown a gap between the customer […]

Leveraging Your Customer Experience Toolbox

Prioritizing customer experience can help organizations boost revenue, increase market share, and retain customers—but research still shows a significant gap between the experience companies think they provide, and the experiences customers actually have. Hanover Research created the Leveraging Your Customer Experience Toolbox to help organizations narrow this gap by delighting customers across each stage of […]