New Report Offers Critical 的见解 About the State of Diversity, 股本, K-12学校的包容性


Arlington, VA, November 23, 2021 — With K-12 districts around the nation struggling to address issues of diversity, 股本, 和包容(一些), 365足球的研究 has released a report with extensive findings about the state of DEI in public schools. .

“The Current State of Diversity, 股本, and Inclusion in Public Schools” draws on data gathered from 75645人在 45 U.S. school districts between November 2020 and July 2021 and aggregated into a comprehensive DEI dashboard and dataset. The report offers telling insights into perceptions and experiences around diversity, 股本, 和包容的挑战, 包括:  

  • Only 41% of staff agree or strongly agree that resources are equally distributed across all district schools. 
  • Only 54% of respondents report that teachers in their/their child’s/district schools are engaging students in meaningful conversations about diversity. 
  • A 20-point gap exists between students’ self-reported rate of liking school (57 percent agreement) versus parents’ reports of their children liking school (78 percent) and staff reports about whether students in the district like school (77 percent). 
  • Fewer than half of respondents who identify/whose child identifies as non-binary (46%) agree or strongly agree that their school supports students, 家庭, or staff of all different gender identities or gender expressions. 

“If school district leaders have not established a common understanding of DEI or if they’re struggling to articulate a vision with their district leadership, we suggest they use this report as an internal tool to guide leadership discussions and planning,莱拉·纽兰说, senior managing director of Hanover’s K-12 practice, which serves hundreds of schools around the nation.  

System-level inequities across school districts have become a particularly rife subject over the past year, 作为学区, state-level education departments, and political leaders debate curriculum-related approaches to discussing DEI at the classroom level. Resulting tensions and a lack of clear direction have made it difficult for districts and their leadership to bridge the conflict and build consensus. 

“You can’t go out to a community and tell them where their issues are,” Nuland says. “You have to help them look at the data, 理解数据的意义, and discover where the system needs to change. DEI initiatives are not a one and done approach, you must meet your community where they are and figure out the best way to initiate the journey.” 

While some research offers anecdotal approaches, experts at 365足球的研究 believe a data-driven approach to conducting 资产审计 can help identify more effective approaches to achieving higher levels of DEI. 

By providing actionable information about disparities and inequities, 资产审计 can help district leadership identify system-wide solutions for creating a more equal learning environment that fosters stronger community engagement and better student performance. 进一步, districts can use the insights gained to pinpoint potential improvements in a wide range of areas, 包括教师素质, 成就股本, 方案规划, and other factors that ultimately contribute to more equitable and inclusive learning environments. 

”的价值 资产审计 is in the actionable information provided, and, in this case, an eye toward change,” Nuland explains. “Our team created a framework that not only assesses inequities in school systems but also develops a roadmap for change that is grounded in continuous improvement. 





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